Monday, 13 June 2022

It's All Gone Potty


I'm currently working my way through the fridge and cupboards eating up everything that might prove tempting over the course of next week.  It's been a wonderful weekend of chocolate and wine I can tell you, without any hint of remorse.  😁

This pot noodle style thing was tucked away at the back of the larder cupboard.  I'm often seduced by this sort of thing when I venture to the shops with an empty tummy and then they get put away on arrival at home and get forgotten about.

So I thought to myself if this seduced me in Aldi my goodness it might come after me again next week, so I have to get it out of sight and out of mind and into my tummy ... NOW!!

I was slightly bemused when I opened it and found less than an inch of contents, but then I remembered all you Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers out there busy dehydrating foods to save space on storage and I realised on closer inspection that this was just very finely dehydrated vegetables and lentils.

I added the water to the fill line as instructed and left it to it's own devices while I answered a call from Meabh at the Ration Challenge headquarters.  By the time we had finished chatting my pot was ready, oh but how small it looked, and how liquidy, I quickly dug a spoon out of the drawer in anticipation of tucking in, a fork was just not going to cut the mustard here ... or the dahl.

Then I remembered that I had some rice and peas in the fridge leftover from last nights tea, and decided to add half of them to the pot.  It cooled it down drastically so I nipped next door where a very nice man with a microwave lives and zapped it for a couple of minutes.

It was really tasty.  I have no idea how much this had cost me but it is a very nice snack if you happen to have some additional rice on hand.  On it's own maybe you would need a slice of bread and butter to pad it out, but it's definitely tasty.

Then I rinsed the pot out and peeled off the paper outer ready for recycling and came across this tip.  Which although is a good one I have no need of another plant pot at the moment, and Alan has a huge stack of these off the yoghurts he eats so this particular one went into the recycling bin.

Maybe the only reason that I perhaps won't be buying this again.

Sue xx


  1. As you say it certainly doesn't look much when opened. I can't remember how much there is in a pot noodle tub - haven't had one of those since about 1980!

  2. My goodness that really wasn't very much was it.

    God bless.

    1. It was a shock when I opened it, and to be honest it's not that much fuller with the water is it, thank goodness I had some rice handy.

  3. Tiny can be very lovely and it does look delicious! Better in than out as the saying doesn't go! :-)

    1. It was really tasty and as all the tiny dried ingredients are real food it is possibly something I would buy for emergency use ... if I had some rice or a tasty bread roll to go with it.

  4. I thought 'Fame at last!'

  5. I've never been a fan of pot noodle type food and there seems to be very little in the pot! You turned it into a very tasty meal though. Thank heavens for the nice man with a microwave!

    1. I used to quite like the Spicy Curry flavour Pot Noodles, but unfortunately they have got milk in them now .

      It's handy sometimes having a nice man next door ;-)

  6. I'm always tempted by the meal in a pot too - last one I had was so spicy I struggled to eat it! Adding the home cooked rice and peas was a great idea, cooling it down and turning it into a real mini meal.
    Alison in Wales x


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