Thursday 30 June 2022

The VeganKind Supermarket ... and Cheese and Onion Crisps

I regularly shop with The VeganKind Supermarket.  It's completely online way of buying all the vegan foods and treats that you might need ... or just fancy.  Although it's far too tempting to spend more than you mean to, so just like with going to the supermarket make sure you have a full tummy before you start to shop!!

My last order was last Christmas so I think I can be excused going a little bit wild in the virtual aisles that time.  Now the crisps are all gone and it was time for another order.

I started shopping with them when we lived in the middle of nowhere, with limited accessibility to the sort of shops that sold the products that I loved.  I signed up originally for the Lifestyle Boxes that came on subscription to my door once a month, it was a Christmas year long gift to myself and I loved it.  It was like getting one of those lucky bags I used to buy as a child ... only this one was full of tasty, healthy treats not dried up old sweets and a plastic toy.  😁  

When I decided to cancel that subscription after about 18 months I started shopping regularly instead.   This way I could pick out all the things that I really wanted and that I knew I liked ... although I have to admit that a few new items regularly make it into my virtual trolley.

When I put in my latest order they gave me a link to share with you.  So if you would like to have £10 off any spend of £40 or over just click on the link below and follow the instructions.  It's not a bad saving at all if you try and be good and stick as close to that limit as possible.  After all 25% off is really good ... as long as you are  😄

The link : -

I have to admit that I usually spend far more than I should, but as you acquire points on everything you spend that add up to money off vouchers for future shopping it's a form of saving ... isn't it!! 😄😂😁

My favourite product from there are the Ten Acre Cheese and Onion crisps, the best dairy free cheese and onion crisps on the market in my opinion, and The VeganKind Supermarket is the place that virtually always has them in stock and also sells them the cheapest.  You can guarantee that a box of 20 packs always makes it into my shopping basket.

Well my latest order is in and in a couple of days will be with me ... crisp butty anyone?

Sue xx


  1. LOL - yes, definitely a form of saving. Indeed, yes! ;-)

  2. What a lotvof lovely things on that website to tempt me. Thanks for shari g the money off voucher too. Catriona

    1. There's far too much temptation, as you will see when my box arrives!!

  3. I had not realised just how much the vegan ranges had expanded since I last looked. There are some very tempting products 😊

    1. Yes, you can get just about everything you can imagine these days, except I have been unable to find vegan Maltesers that actually taste nice.


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