Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Ration Challenge 2022 - Day Two

After going to bed feeling slightly hungry last night, but sleeping like a baby, I woke up early but not hungry at all.  I had a cup of hot water and then I decided that I would have half of my leftover rice from yesterday with one of the pots of dahl for my breakfast and use the other half of the rice to make some of the Rice Crackers from the recipe booklet.

I reheated my rice and dahl in my lovely neighbours microwave, and it looked great like a proper ready meal half and half ... and then I stirred it all up before remembering to take a photo, so you will have to take my word for it ... it started off looking quite presentable ... honest!!

I almost made a mistake with the recipe as I thought it meant cooked rice, but reading through it I cottoned on that the first couple of instructions are telling you to cook the rice, so I poured away the excessive amount of water I had just added and carried on.

I decided to add a little onion powder and some salt and pepper to the rice, along with some of the very tips of the spring onions.  I am using the onions tips each day so that they don't dry out completely and nothing goes to waste.

It's the first time I've had my oven on for a while, and perhaps will be the only time this week!

They came out quite well considering the very basic ingredients and a couple were eaten while they were still warm along with a glass of cold water.  The rest are in one of my glass tubs, I'm not sure how long they will keep for so I'll be eating them up over the course of today most likely.

I started making my lunch a bit late really I just wasn't hungry and had no inclination to be cooking.  So I stripped the bed, did the washing and then got another load of clothes done, I got everything out on the washing line in the glorious sunshine that we had all day, and then ... finally,  I weighed out my flour to make today's lunch - a Paratha.

It would appear that when mixed with water and a pinch of salt my daily allocation of 50g of flour weighs in at 81g.

Once you have kneaded, rested and then rolled out the ball of dough it's time to brush it with lots of oil.

Then you roll the circle up ...

... and then coil up the long roll, tucking the end underneath.  

Next if you have time, rest the dough once more just for about 20 minutes or so, and then repeat the rolling out, brushing with oil, rolling up and coiling once again.  This time you can immediately heat up your oiled pan and cook your Paratha.

After cooking it for about five minutes on each side I had a lovely tasty lunch, that went down so well with an ice cold glass of water.  For anyone that doesn't know a Paratha tastes like a cross between a flatbread and slice of flaky pastry ... and is delicious especially when eaten fresh from the pan.

While I tucked into my lunch I cooked the rice for my tea and breakfast tomorrow, this time it's just plain white salty rice which I thought would go well with tonight's tea of Rice and Beans.

The simplest of ingredients, and these are on the menu to be used in four meals.

Two rice and bean meals, one kidney bean pâté lunch, and one portion is to be turned into Lentil and Bean Burgers.

The recipe that makes good use of my one tin of kidney beans.

My tea for Day Two.

Thank you so much for following along and thank you for all the support and the comments that you have been leaving.  If you nip on over to my Fundraising Page HERE you will see that yesterday afternoon an Anonymous someone donated a large sum and as it was another surprise Matched Gift day the amount was doubled.  

Amazing, thank you so much whoever you are. 💖

Sue xx


  1. The paratha looks and sounds lovely! xx

  2. I've just donated to your page Sue. I'm humbled to think that I have fed someone for a month on such a pifflingly small amount. Good luck with the challenge.

    1. Thank you so much Cherie, and if you revisit my Fundraising page you will see that something wonderful happened ....

  3. Agree with Joy above, the paratha looks delicious
    Alison in Wales x

  4. You certainly know what you are doing. Everything looks yummy and you are making that food go a long way.

    1. Experience really helps when you are dealing such small amounts of food.

  5. The rice crackers look nice and it's handy to have a snacky item to hand. The paratha looks delicious too and I think you made a very good choice of vegetable by plumping for spring onion. You are adding snipped bits here and there which will add a welcome bit of colour to your meals.
    You are doing great! 👍xx

    1. They are definintely a different texture, not something I would make outside of the challenge but good for this week for sure. I'm slightly worried that I have permanent onion breath!!

  6. That Paratha looks really good. I can't believe that a person can get 4 meals out of a can of kidney beans.....

    God bless.

    1. They are very tasty once cooked with onions, and when you are eating a lot of quite plain rice and flatbreads I guess the flavour is amplified even more, so you can get away with using less of them.

  7. The crackers look really lovely.

    1. They were a bit strange to be honest, not something I will be repeating outside the challenge.


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