Tuesday 7 June 2022

It's Just a Walk in the Park


Who's that coming towards us through the trees ...

Me and Suky have arrived in the car as arthritic little legs and painful backs are not conducive to long walks, she sits by my feet in anticipation of Dad and Mavis joining us at any moment.  She can't see much these days but hopefully she can almost hear me as I tell her 'here comes Dad and Mavis ... should we go for a walk?'

After a brief rest for Alan who has walked from home through the houses and along the main shopping street with a very happy and full of beans Mavis, we all set off for a lap of the park.

Past the play areas of which there are three for all ages of children, past the little wild beds that are always left this way, not just for the 'No-Mow May' that we have just had here in England ... which is playing havoc with poor Alan's hayfever as the mowing has begun in earnest all at once on verges and roundabouts in our area.

This is a well used and very community spirited park, along with the play areas there are various wild life areas, bug hotels, herb and strawberry beds that you can actually take things from.  British trees of all ages and some planted in little copses that will be wonderful as they get bigger and bigger.  There are areas that children from the local schools can sit and do their nature lessons and a couple of undercover areas so that all is not lost if the rains come.

There are winding pathways with arches covered in foliage to keep toddlers entertained but safe and a few memorial or remembrance gardens that are always beautifully looked after.

And after one last photograph of a beautiful little rusty metal Robin it's time for us all to take the path that leads to the little car park at the Scout Hut, pile in the car and go home for a well earned cup of coffee ... well the dogs actually prefer water and a gravy bone after their exercise, but we'll stick with the coffee.  😃

Sue xx


  1. What I love is the fact that the little robin stays right where he was left. Here, somebody would take him home.

  2. That sounds a lovely park. Yes, no mow here but some of the corners at junctions need cutting for safety.

  3. Looks like a lovely park for all ages to enjoy!

  4. That is a lovely park. Perfect for a walk.

    God bless.

  5. What a lovely place to wander. Great photos, thanks. xx

  6. I think that local parks are so important, our Matlock one is much used.

  7. What a nice place to walk and spend time in. I hope the dogs enjoyed their treats and you and Alan your coffee.


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