Friday 26 April 2019

Bargains ♥️

The weather has changed dramatically after the glorious weather of the Bank Holiday weekend,  so yesterday after a doggy walk taken quickly between showers,  I nipped out to the shops to get a few food supplies and have a little mooch around the charity shops in Garstang.

 I was lucky in one shop and managed to pick up this teeny, tiny wooden candlestick for £2 and a lovely set of drawers that I had first spotted on Amazon when I was looking for a support for the kitchen shelf arrangement that I designed for the worktop here at the Van.  There it was priced at £14.99, at the charity shop it was just £3 ... bargain!

I paid for my little wooden goodies and then turned to leave the shop, and that's when I spotted the 'All Skirts and Trousers Just £1' sale rail.  I managed to get myself two pairs of M&S jeans.  The darker ones are more trouser style and are in 'as new' condition, the others a pair are Per Una and are a bit more worn but are still good enough to wear out and about.

When I got home the dogs were fine, and as usual favouring the littlest dog bed, which they returned to as soon as I had had my rapturous welcome home.  Dogs are brilliant for making you feel loved and wanted ... and the most important person in their world ♥️

Other dog beds are available .....

Sue xx


  1. Great bargains Sue Have a good weekend Love Mum XXX

  2. You found some great deals! I love those little drawers you found and look forward to seeing how you use them. And yes, isn't it wonderful to get the welcome home our pets give us!

  3. Great bargains. Your dogs seem to like to cuddle, so may like the smaller bed more for now. Wishing you a good weekend.

  4. Wow, you managed to get wonderful bargains!!! Good for you.

    God bless.

  5. Awww, that sweet little bod, all cuddled up against her big 'sister'.


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