Wednesday 17 April 2019

Changes Afoot

This area has bugged me since we got the van.  I've tried leaving the shelves bare, bare-ish, with condiments on and now as they finally evolved with knick knacks ... mostly egg cups and useful stuff.

But ... it's not right.

  They're not right!!

So plans are afoot for a big overhaul.  I have most of the components I need, now I just have to figure out how to remove the shelf, cupboardy thing from the wall. 

Major simplification here we come.

The planned change worked well here, so I have my fingers firmly crossed that my new idea works equally well in the dining 'room'  😃

I couldn't sign off without your daily 'Bella fix'.

She's loving it here, she had her first little walk with collar and lead along the riverbank this morning.  Just five minutes on grass and then five minutes a little later on the tarmacked road.  All new experiences and in a new place too,  so it was no wonder then that the minute we got home she crashed out in the big dog bed. 

 Don't panic Suky and Mavis are fast asleep too ... on top of their Dad on the sofa ♥️

Sue xx


  1. Very cozy little girl. Good luck with your re-arranging and overhauling.

  2. I hope the other two don't come galloping across and leap into their bed without checking for the baby first.

  3. Thanks for the Bella fix! Love that little angel! I can't wait to see what you do in the dining room. Have a great week!

  4. She looks such a tiny little thing in that bed.

  5. Bella is just so cute and precious.....and Sue, you have a gift for giving great names to your pets and animals....

  6. Good luck with the reorganize, some things just don't sit right and in a small space can be annoying.
    Baby Bella is just gorgeous, she will be sleeping a lot because she is only young, if you find she needs her own bed to keep warm, Kmart have cat beds shaped like a donut for A$15 ....very cosy and warm.

    1. We have a lovely little cosy bed to the left of this one, but she chose to sleep in the big one. They usually all pile in together, and of course she's used to sleeping with her siblings and Mum so I doubt she would be happy on her own. Thanks for the recommendation though 🙂

    2. I was sure they would all cuddle up together but was thinking of when she sleeps alone . I'm sure she just loves the smells and comfort of being on the family bed.

  7. Just caught up with your last 3 posts. Bella seems to have settled in so well. She's adorable!

  8. So cute, and so very tiny in that bed.

    God bless.


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