Tuesday 9 April 2019

Missing Van Life

I'm home here in Wales at the moment, but missing Van life like crazy.  Apart from a spot of house-sitting while Alan is working away there is a good reason for me to be here though ... and it's what is keeping me sane.  The only thing that's keeping me sane actually.

All will be revealed by this coming weekend I promise.

The other day I thought I'd walk us around the park in photos with a stream of photos that I took before I left for home, but for whatever reason ... perhaps sheer quantity ... the computer downloaded these photos sooooo slowly that I forgot all about them until I came into the office to update the blog this morning.

I've done a Morning Perambulation walk around on an earlier post, but here's last weeks walk with even more photos for you.  Pull up a chair take a slurp of your coffee and join us on the riverbank.

We get up onto the riverbank via the first set of steps near the arches you can see in the top photograph.  The first thing Suky always does is to check for leftover bread crusts that folk have thrown out for the ducks ... if there are any bits of food lying around waiting to be discovered by the wildlife I have to drag her physically away, with her looking longingly back like the starving skinny dog she thinks she is (I want her magic mirror!!).

Some days we go over the bridge .... today we didn't.

Staying on the park side of the river we walk on.

The atmospheric sky and dappled sunlight on the water makes me relax and enjoy the walk even more.

After five more minutes on grass we come to the newly re-invigorated river bank van area.

We could have chosen to have our van sited here once this area was completed but we wanted to get started with our gardening and planning earlier last year and as this was only finished off at the end of Summer it would have held up our relaxing and feeling settled.  Anyway after a Summer of seeing all the midges that live around the river in hotter weather we are pleased that we chose to stay where we are.

Looking over to the left and we can see the flats owned by the caravan park, they are brilliant for anyone wanting a holiday here but not liking being in a caravan so much.  I have stayed in these flats on numerous occasions, including one very cold and snowy March (see HERE) way back in 2013 and blogged about on Our New Life in the Country.

Carrying on along the riverbank our feet are soon back on grass.

And over to our right are the first glimpses of Wild Garlic growing alongside the river.  I'll be back soon to pick some for pesto making purposes.  It's nice that the riverbank helps feed us in a small way ... I picked enough blackberries here last year for a lovely jar of jam.

We carry on for a while, until we come to a set of steps that lead to a little path that takes us down between the caravans, not I hasten to add through someones garden ... which is a caravan no-no.  We all respect each others little patches of privacy.

Walking along the road we come across a newly positioned caravan, the owners of this one have just upgraded to this lovely van from their older model.  I love playing my almost daily 'spot the difference'.

Here's one van we can get up close and personal with.

Some of the vans for sale are dotted around the park , both new models and ones that are being sold by their current owners.  I love a little peek in the windows.

I like how this photo shows the difference caravan 'skirting' makes to the vans.  The one on the left has skirting around the base and the one on the right doesn't, it makes it look so much more substantial ... don't you think?  There's something much more temporary looking about a caravan when you can see it's legs and wheels.

"Oooh look a puddle!!"

"Mum STOP messing around .... this is a doggy walk."

More corners, more roads.  We vary our walk back to the van each and every time we go out.

Homeward bound.

The front of the flats appear on our left.   It's still early in the season and there are no cars parked outside in the little car park ... so I'm guessing no occupants at the moment.

Lets take a naughty little cut through between some as yet unoccupied caravans ... not everyone has opened their vans up for the year ahead yet,  this particular cut through brings us to the 'permanent tourer' area.  Some people just don't need or want a big static caravan and they use modern tourers as mini 'statics'.

They are handily situated by the shower/toilet/launderette block.

Here's a sneaky peek into facilities that we don't use, I do occasionally use the launderette though.

And cutting through from there we really are homeward bound.   This is our little road ...

... with our van the very last one on the left hand side.

Thank goodness for that says Suky, taking to her bed to rest those little weary legs.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your walk and new home in photos. Looking forward to your revelation.

  2. My son and his wife go to a large Caravan Park near Blackrock Sands every holiday and they love it.

  3. What a lovely walk and even more lovely neighborhood! Thanks for sharing this! Annster's Domain

  4. How lovely, I can see why you miss it ,it sounds and looks like a relaxing way of life and I know jealousy is not a nice thing but I admit to having a green hue at the moment as it is a week of me against the world and I could be quite happy not to see or speak to anybody for quite some time. Hey ho, you have cheered me up looking at your lovely photos and cute little pup, thank you.

  5. How lovely and relaxing. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  6. I so enjoyed getting a look around the area, thank you! You have mentioned some secret a few times - I'm becoming quite curious now! Could you be adopting another little friend for Suky possibly?

  7. That looks like a pretty good walk for legs as short as Suky's :-)

    I accidentally walked through a similar site today (I had permission) on the edge of an RSPB reserve (Millom - not far from your old home base). It was so quiet and peaceful . . .

    1. Gosh it's a long time since I lived in Cumbria 😃

  8. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

  9. Don't you worry about the river flooding?? They are very close to the water and not elevated...I remember passing many of them along the Severn, and they were pushed off their foundations and pretty bad....

    1. The vans are much more elevated than the River. Which in these photos is actually higher than it's ever been. The bank is a good deal higher than these photos make it look. The main part of the caravan park has never been flooded.

  10. What a wonderful walk to take every day. I envy you your beautiful scenery.

    God bless.

  11. Really enjoyed sharing the walk with Suky and you. The whole area looks lovely and the caravan site itself very smart indeed. I am waiting with baited breath to find out what your revelation is - sounds like something major is about to happen - very interesting!! Hope you are enjoying your time in your Welsh home. I bet it is nice for you to spend some time with Ginger, Mavis, Ethel, Jasmine and the chooks.

  12. I enjoyed seeing all of the photos. I would be missing van life also!

  13. We are back from our travels and had 11 lovely nights of 'Van' living. It looks a lovely park, I collect wild garlic using it either fresh or dried in the microwave it keeps very well and is excellent for flavouring stews and sprinkling over oven roast veg n potatoes. Looking forward to the reveal of the 'Secret' x

  14. Oh, to have such a lovely walk right out your door. Sigh.


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