Sunday 14 April 2019

Bella's First Full Day

Bella's first night here was spent at the foot of our bed, in a little box lined with her piece of vet-bedding that Georgie had kindly given us.  It was important to give her the comforting scent of her first home, her Mum Hetti and her little brother and sisters. We took her up with us purely because we didn't know what reaction there might be with Ginger if they met in the dark.  The dogs after spending all the journey with her were fine, but Ginger had only met her briefly when we arrived home.

It was a calm night and we all slept though, with Bella's delightful little face peeking over the edge of the box at us when we woke, she was as good as gold.

We got up early and they all met up again downstairs and breakfasted together, then I transferred the vet-bedding from the box to the dog bed that gets used the least by the now 'big dogs' ... and little Bella curled up and went straight to sleep while Suky and Mavis enjoyed some grown up girl time with their Dad, walking round the paddock.

It was a relatively normal day but interspersed regularly with puppy snuggles and an afternoon nap with Alan draped in sleeping, snoring doggies.

After a day working outside for Alan and in the office for me, we chilled out with a leisurely hour or so in the paddock before tea.

Introducing little Bella to little Jasmine ...

...who suddenly seemed like a very big girl.

Bella ran around with everyone and was very brave.  But we decided to call it a day when she discovered a liking for rather too many rabbit droppings ... no wonder she wasn't hungry at supper time!!

Then after a lazy television watching evening it was time for bed.

This was how the night started, but it was all change by breakfast when I came down and it had reverted to looking almost identical to the first photo on this post, with Suky and Mavis snuggled together and Bella back with her teddies.  

There have been no problems with Ginger, he is not overly enamoured with our new addition but after he batted her a couple of times to tell her to keep out of his way, she is being good and doing just that ... and he is accepting that she is here to stay.  It's easy for him to get well out of a little puppy's reach anyway.

I'll leave you with this photo of our beautiful boy, who is now even more outnumbered by his girly, doggy pals.  Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday  :-)

Sue xx


  1. Lovely. Will she grow much bigger than that?

    1. Yes, she's only 8 weeks old. She'll be at least the size of her Mum, shown on yesterday's post.

  2. Little Bella is just adorable!! she is a lucky little puppy to have such a good new home.

  3. That is an adorable addition to your lives, and she's off to a great start.

  4. She is such a cutie and it is lovely how easily accepted she has been into the clan.

  5. Very handsome Ginger! We have a great big tom cat (a former stray who we took in as a six month old) who numerous people have commented has a look of Clark Gable. He's a smasher!

  6. I guess you will have breathed a sigh of relief that the first night and first day have gone so smoothly. It will certainly help Bella to have Suky to learn from and cuddle up to when Small Puppy goes off to Small VanLife :-)

  7. Oh I was too busy yesterday to check in, my I never guessed that your 'secret' was a new puppy. Hello Bella a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!!! I hope you have many happy years to come xx

  8. Bless her, she is so gorgeous.

  9. How sweet they all look! Bella seems to like to snuggle with Mavis. It will be good to see how she and Suky do back at the van. Bella really is a beautiful girl and she does seem quite brave to be away from her birth family for so short a time. I am so happy for you!

  10. Awww so much cuteness. It is good that everyone is learning to get along so quickly.

  11. So glad they are all getting along superbly within such a short space of time. I can see that gorgeous Bella is going to have the time of her life running around in the paddock with her new 'friends'. Lovely to read and lovely to hear some great news.

  12. Lovely pictures of your furry family, especially Mavis.


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