Thursday 25 April 2019

Starting the Re-Vamp

There was nothing for it ... the other day I just had to get started.  

I have been umming and ah-ing over this cupboard on the wall above the table since the day we got the van.  I have sat staring at it, stood staring at it and have let it catch my eye as I pass by just once too many times.

 So I listed the pros and cons in my head -

Pros -
It balances out the kitchen.
Its fake wood matches everything else in the van.
It holds the keys behind the right hand door nice and neatly and safely.
It holds things we need.

Cons -
It fills up the wall space too much
It is just more fake wood ... that I really don't like!
It's only good purpose is holding the keys ... so much cupboard for keys!!
It looks cluttered with stuff on and terrible if left empty.

There, finally ... decision made.

It took about two minutes to empty it, about half an hour to find new homes for everything in it, including a new cupboard door for the keys to live behind.  Happily all the hooks they were on were Command hooks, the sort that you stick up and can peel off when you need to ... and they always come with twice as many sticky pads as you need, so I used up all the spares and relocated the keys.

The biggest and most awkward job was getting the bloody thing off the wall on my own ... but after checking that all four screws would actually come out for me ... don't you just hate it when you're left with one that refuses to budge ... I took it off the wall.  Using one of the chairs to support the weight while I unscrewed the last one. 

And in true Blogger fashion hopping down from my chair to take a photo 😃

It was a bit of a struggle, and no wonder I've just weighed it ... and it's a stonking 17kg ... all held up on a caravan wall with just four screws!!

The effect was immediate, there seems to be so much more light at this end of the room ... and a refreshing simplicity. 

  I won't lie, at the moment as you look over from the living room end the kitcthen does seem a bit unbalanced, with so much going on on the other side and then just a blank wall of emptiness above the table.  But hopefully the final part of my little plan will remedy that nicely.

Anyway I just thought I'd keep you all up to date with my little re-vamp adventures.

The dogs were fascinated with all the arranging and rearranging, and posed for this shot as if to say "what's next Mum".

Sue xx


  1. If it was irritating you that much, it was the right thing to do.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the result of the final part of your little plan!

  3. It does look better there...can't wait to see what you do next...

  4. I think the requirements of someone spending most of their time in a caravan and those that are using it just for holidays and/or weekends are very different. I'm sure that stuff I would put up if only there for the latter would drive me mad if I was there a lot. It does look better but it also looks bare! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  5. It does look bare, but I know that you will balance it out with something useful and beautiful.

    I love how your world under visitors says Regina, Saskatchewan. Not quite right (that is our capital), but only 225kms away.... Still to even have Saskatchewan show up is a thrill.

    God bless.

  6. Big improvement, to my eye. I did wonder, half way through, whether you were 'just' going to take the doors off and have open shelves.
    I wonder what next, picture? mirror? feature wallpaper section?

  7. My cats are just like Suki and Bella - very curious when I start moving things around! It's looking good. I can't wait to see how you complete it.

  8. Job well done, I live alone and it's amazing what you can do on your own when you just give it a try. I think a nice big mirror would bring in more light and give the illusion of more space, I did that on one of my kitchen walls and it looks great.
    Will the fire extinguisher be relocated or is that subject to regulations?
    Enjoy your warmer weather there, we are getting beautiful days and chilly nights now so busy garden days as we head into Winter.

    1. It is subject to regulations if we ever wanted to rent out the van, but as it's just us here or occasionally family, I might keep it under the sink instead. It's just as close to the cooker there and almost as handy. I would never dream of using it anyway ... by the time I had figured out how to use it the fire would have taken hold. I might buy a small fire blanket for cooker top fires (not that I'm planning any 😄) and keep the two together,


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