Thursday 26 November 2020

Christmas is Creeping In


It's starting to look a bit like Christmas here.

I had to call in to Aldi for some much needed supplies and I was tempted in the Christmassy centre aisles by these lovely little battery operated fairy lights on a lightly tinselly garland.  I knew I needed a bit of sparkle in my life and they fitted the bill perfectly.

After all cosy nights in are the best bit about this time of year.

Then yesterday morning the postman brought me a parcel, I had only ordered it's contents the day before but deliveries are coming so quickly at the moment ... and with so many texts and messages to let you know they are on their way and imminent!!

It was a much bigger box than I was expecting, Suky willingly posed to give you a size indicator.

Nestled in amongst lots of wrapping were the two little boxes that I was expecting.

When Suky saw they weren't anything edible she didn't look anywhere near as hopeful, positively grumpy in fact.  😄

I had ... in a moment of madness ... ordered three little miniature Emma Bridgewater items to hang on the Christmas tree that I do not have.  I thought they would just as nice tied to my kitchen shelves with their lovely silky ribbons.  The third item which will take longer to get here, is a little jug that is being personalised with my name ... just in case I ever forget it at Christmas, well you never know!!

In the parcel was this card, if it is of any use to any of you feel free to use my name (Sue Hall) as the code to claim a free Emma Bridgewater mug with any order of over £40. I think it can be used by more than one person but only if you are a new customer to their website.   

Here is the link you need to use to claim your free mug:

I also spotted the Christmas magazines when I called into Booths for some bread.  I used to go mad and splurge on lots of magazines at this time of year, using them for inspiration for my craft and gift business, it was handy that I could claim them as a legitimate business expense but these days I limit myself to one, and it's always one with a free calendar ready for next year.

Lights, Christmas tree decorations, gifts,  Christmas magazine edition, next years calendar ... yep, Christmas is creeping in.

Sue xx


  1. Looking positively cozy. A good thing.

  2. Everything looks so quaint and cozy... and speaks of holiday time. Very lovely! ~Andrea xoxo

  3. It all looks cosy and lovely, I'm holding off for another week but I'm itching to get on it!! x

  4. It certainly is and never was colour, sparkle and warm spice more needed. It looks really lovely.

  5. The mugs are lovely. Your new home is looking really comfy with the throws and cosy lighting.

  6. My daughter rang me last week to ask what i had ordered that would be arriving in a huge box , i wracked my brains but i had no clue , when the opened the box the only thing in it was a book for my two year old grandson . What a waste of packing , and how lazy not to find more appropriate packaging .

  7. Hi Sue,
    I have been reading your blogs for years now but this is the first comment I have ever made. It’s about the magazines. If you join Garstang library (maybe you already have?). You can get access to loads of free magazines in their digital editions. There’s Country Homes and Interiors, Country Living, fashion, cookery, walking magazines as well as things like Olive, Molly Makes etc; there are loads and they are available at the same time as they are in the shops. You can also get the BorrowBox app that gives you access to free audio and ebooks.
    Loads of money saved and you still get the delicious experience of reading something lovely with a nice cuppa.

    Thanks for your lovely blog; I read it every day.

    1. Yes, I will be joining as soon as I can. Like everything else they have been closed for the last month. ☹️

    2. They are currently open for click n collect but, if you need to join, they will do that at the moment too so that you can get access to the digital facilities. Hope you get sorted. X

  8. Awww, look at Suky and her pressies!
    Your new abode is looking so cosy and inviting with the added sparkle of the lights. xxx

  9. My grandson and I will set up the tree on Monday. Last year, at end of season, I bought new lights for the tree. I don't believe I have ever set my tree up quite so early, but I am looking forward to celebrating the close of this year.

  10. Booths - my favourite food store! And that's coming from someone who used to work for Waitrose!! Wish they would open a store in Devon!

    1. It is lovely isn't it. A bit more expensive than Aldi but brilliant for local foods. My friend used to work at the Ulverston branch when it first opened and I used it a lot back then. Weird that both my 'town lives' have included a Booths. ♥️

  11. Suky does not look at all impressed. But I am. Love the mugs.

    God bless.


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