Friday 6 November 2020

Let's Just Walk ...


This morning's weak November sun took it's time to begin burning through the faintly smoke laden mist left over from a chilly night of fireworks and the lingering smell of many bonfires.  

We stood here on the riverbank last night slightly ahead of the Willow, watching the fireworks from two private parties far across the other side of the river.  Suky is a strange little dog she loves the bright flashes of the fireworks and the whoosh of the rockets high overhead.  Her head swivelled from side to side as she watched the alternating fireworks exploding with bright flashes of thousands of stars, like a tennis watching Winston Churchill she stared upwards taking in the wonder of the illuminated sky.

She is luckier than so many poor animals that are terrified of the noise and lights of Bonfire Night.  I know what it's like to have a pet so fearful of the bangs, Rosy and Sophie were both petrified and this night for them was a night to try and survive, cuddled up and swaddled with us close to hand at all times.  Suky on the other hand takes it in her stride, she honestly believes that there is nothing in this world that was sent to hurt her ... oh to be that happy and secure in your own skin.

This mornings walk just had to be longer, the sunshine although weak was there to be enjoyed so we set off bright and early ... would you like to come with us?

Halfway down the path there is the old bent tree, I love how the path was laid to accommodate it.

Whenever Suky stops for a sniff-athon we just rest and drink in the peace of the water, and  try not to be alarmed at the slight rustle as leaves let go of their branches and float downwards to land on the path or water.

Reaching the carpark instead of heading back through town, we head onwards following the curve of the river as it meanders round to the weir.  The bench is too wet to sit on so we must keep moving, and anyway Suky has spotted a black Labrador in the distance ... she always follows black Labradors!!

It's okay we can slow down now,  the Lab with his long legs has disappeared into the distance dragging his owner with him.  Sometimes it pays to have a dog with short legs 😄

I love this line of trees, it's hard to believe that at the start of the week they were completely in the river, how much water they must have taken in before it receded from the fence and back to it's rightful place. 

To our left is the Football Club, with lines being painted onto the pitch by the guy in black.

And next to it the Cricket Club deserted and quiet.

Suky stops to minutely examine a large fallen log ...

... and then we are off again.

Ahead of us and just around the bend is the weir and the flood defence system.  What's that we spy sitting on the ridge with water washing over his feet?

A Heron, waiting patiently for some breakfast to swim by.

I thought he was about to take off, but it was a false alarm and he stayed put.

He's obviously got a lot more patience than me.

Absolutely beautiful, but boy that water must be cold on his feet!!

Time for us to move on, and climbing the steps we end up at the top of the Flood Basin in Millennium Green. 

Following the path we pass by the Rugby Club, oh how sporty this small town is.

And then ahead of us the gate and the High Street sign ... much to Suky's relief.

It was a long walk  for little legs and as we strolled slowly along the high street she was obviously tired, so with a promise of a 'bone' I kept her going until we reached home.

Now there are tired snores coming from under the bureau leaf as I type this out and it's time for a coffee for me before I make a few phone calls and do a bit of blog hopping.

Hope you enjoyed our little walk.  Tomorrows will be shorter but in a different direction to explore my new town, but you don't have to come, have a rest.

Sue xx


  1. A lovely walk! I too,love the way the path was laid to accommodate the leaning if the tree.
    I read your post about the dirty oven, I am off to give my be a clean! It has been a shirt while so it shouldn't be an epic job!

  2. I really should read before I hit publish! Apologies for many spelling errors. Carole.

  3. So many sports grounds - you will be able to watch lots of blokes in shorts! - (if they are allowed I guess)

  4. That was such an enjoyable walk! Thanks for explaining everything on the way. Looking forward to seeing more of your sweet new town. Thanks!

  5. That is a lovely walk. You were lucky that the Heron remained in situ. The one that had helped itself to the fish at the farm lake made a quick dash when it saw me. But it dropped the fish!.

  6. Enjoyed the walk with a lovely cup of tea at hand. Looks like you have some nice places to explore. Will tag along on future walks...will make sure I have a hot cuppa ready, too.

  7. It was a lovely walk round a lovely place. Thanks for letting us come with you.

  8. Thank you for allowing me to tag along with you on your walk, Sue. It was absolutely *wonderful*!!!!! ~Andrea xoxo

  9. I loved joining Suky and you for your walk! Isn't she a brave girl not being scared of the fireworks? Our poor lads are terrified of all the banging.
    I loved that she has a liking for black Labradors and tries to follow them. xxx

  10. What a lovely walk - I particularly enjoyed the path bending around the tree. I'll bet Suky slept well on her return, think how many thousand steps she'd taken! Thanks for your company.

  11. Thank you! I did enjoy our walk very much! What a beautiful place you have to walk and a wonderful area in which to live. I loved your description of Suky watching the fireworks. You have a talent with words!

  12. I am thankful to go with you exploring . Very interesting. Glad Suky lasted. :)

  13. I loved walking with you! How long was that walk today?

  14. That was a lovely walk, thank you for sharing it. Walks around here are just streets and traffic :( This is when I miss living in the park home and taking walks along the canal and down the lane to the village. Great shots of the Heron, Sue, I think they are fascinating birds. Have a great day x

  15. I did enjoy that wander along by the river, with its beautiful views. Loving the bent tree and the heron, so busy concentrating on his breakfast that he seemed to totally ignore your presence. The last one I photographed took off upwards, crashing through the overhanging trees and flapping away . I think he might have been angry with me disturbing his contemplations!
    Will your other dogs be joining you and Suky when the Welsh house sells?

    1. Yes Mavis the Jack Russell and Ginger the cat will join me ... along with Alan ... when the Welsh house sells. Then we will be looking to buy homes here.

  16. Loved my mid afternoon walk today. So much to see, you are very lucky.

    God bless.

  17. Really enjoyed following your walk. Suky is such a sweetie.


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