Tuesday 17 November 2020

Timelines ... and Herons


Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my grandson Liam yesterday.  He's not a sentimental lad in any sense of the word, last night he put a Thank You on Facebook for all the good wishes friends and family had sent him saying ... 

 'Thanks for all the birthday messages however in my eyes it’s just another normal day, sorry just a year older and still non the wiser, time for a beer though.

 ... he's a chip off a few old blocks there then!! 

Ooh, and THANK YOU for all the comments saying I don't look old enough to be a great grandma, unfortunately I am, although I'm a very young at heart and in mind great grandma.  Here's my timeline -

Engaged at 17
Married at 18
Mum to Simon at 20
Mum to Jason at 26
Nana Sue to Liam at 39
Divorced at 44
Nana Sue to Kyle at 45
Married Again at 47
Nana Sue to Oscar at 49
Great Nana Sue to Mason at 58
Nana Sue to Amira at 59

And if you add 20 years to all my ages that's the age when my Mum was when she became a gran, great gran, and great great gran.  We seem to be very prolific when you see it written down ... and it's all Simon's fault 😉

In other news, me and Suky were doing the doggy walk along the river and towards the weir again this morning, and as usual the Heron was in place watching the water flow over his/her feet.  I was just thinking I have never seen him catch a fish is it actually worth standing there, when guess what ... he caught a fish.  He simply reached down with his long beak and plucked it out of the water and then took off with a swoop to take it over to the grassy bank to eat it.

Is anyone else with a blog of their own having trouble adding to their blog list on the sidebar at the moment?   I have been trying for days to add a couple of blogs to mine and it just isn't working.

Sue xx


  1. Thank you for the poem - I needed that today. Though at short of 60 I'd prefer to be called a woman, not a girl, it really hit a mark.

    Do you know the song "Lies" by Stan Rogers? It talks about the same theme in a very understanding way. It's one of my favourite songs.


    Thank you for your blog - I really love reading along. It's always a little ray of sunshine.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. I solve the mirror problem by only looking in it to brush my teeth!

    And I'll try adding a blog to my list to see if it works

  3. The first time I saw a Heron I was really shocked how big they are. Thank you for sharing your timeline and that lovely poem/meme. It really resonated with me.

  4. Hello Sue, great grand Ma!
    Like you I've troubles adding new blogs to my right sidebar Deleting isn't possible neither :>(
    I can update my walking-with-Ilona kilometres every day, though. But that's on the left sidebar on my blog.
    No idea how I can solve that 'problem'.


  5. No, the add a blog to the list list won't save on my blog either. Does everything up to save but thats as far as it gets

    1. It's strange isn't it. I've been trying all week ☹️

  6. You certainly started young. I didn't have my first born until I was 34 and no grandchildren yet.

  7. Isn't it fascinating how wildlife know exactly what to do, to take good care of themselves? I wonder why humans weren't given that innate ability. I love how you put your life in order like that. Lots of living done between the lines, isn't it. ~Andrea xoxo

  8. Sue, try this. Go to your reading list. There is a square box to the right at the top, tap that, then tap the pen which opens the add screen for new URLs. Hope it works. X

    1. This works very well for your reading list but, for your bloglist on the right side on your blog you have to go to Blogger (top left on blog), then to LAY OUT, go to the bloglist gadget and make the changes, push 'update' in the gadget window and down right on the LAY OUT page too. Wait 1 or 2 seconds and your changes' installed will be confirmed.
      Hope my English is clear enough for you to follow and do the job.


    2. Thanks for that Jeanneke, I'll give it a go later on the computer. I've been blogging for over 12 years now and never had a problem so it's obviously something to do with new Blogger. Gosh, I miss the old one 🤣😃😄

      Your English is brilliant 💖

  9. I loved that photo yesterday, you looked so happy. Starting young has enabled you to be there for so many of your family. I was 27 and labeled “elderly primagravida”having my (only) child, and then and his wife were 35&38 when they had their family, so our generations go in closer to 30 year jumps, not 20. So I’m unlikely to be around for a great-grandchild, particularly if the age of childbearing continues to be late 30s. We have loved being a part of the little ones’ ives and I’ve noticed that younger grandparents are still working so not able to be nearly as involved. I guess there are pluses and minuses to both.

  10. I was going to update my reading list on the blog, now I wonder if I should even try.

    You still don't look old enough to be a great grandma.

    God bless.

  11. Another great post Sue. Like you I was engaged at 17, married at 18 but didn't have my first child until I was 30, by choice I may add:) I did have two cat fur babies though. I got fed up with everyone asking about starting a family:( Like everyone else you don't look old enough to be a great grandmother Sue♥

  12. Goodness me, you were an early starter! I'll be 54 in a fortnight and still feel I'm too young to have the responsibility of kids (or a husband!)
    That heron picture is brilliant, how fabulous that he caught a fish while you watched.
    I had trouble adding to my sidebar, too. It took about three attempts but I got there in the end. xxx

  13. Happy birthday to your grandson. How fabulous to see that magic moment when the heron picked his lunch! All the best. Betty


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