Tuesday 3 November 2020

When Pooh Sums It All Up Perfectly


I refuse to let the latest lockdown send me spiralling into a vortex of gloom and doom.  I will spend these lockdown days pottering away.  Sorting out the spare room slowly and surely, watching frothy Christmas films and the scary movies I've recorded from the television ... the scary ones earlier in the day so my night time dreams are happy ones.

I will read some of my books although most of my favourites are back in Wales, but the ones I have here and a couple of new ones that might have accidentally joined them will be perused over the next few weeks.  I will finish my vegan cookery course, you know that four week one that I started in February  😄

I will pace my days and not commit to anything that possibly I won't do.  Exercise - perhaps, coffee - for sure.  Doggy walks ... weather permitting ... will be all around town now I have Suky in her morning routine and will get longer and longer.  There's no better way to explore a new town than with a dog at your feet and time on your hands, and no better way to get to talk to people.

I will take note of some things I read ...

And agree totally with others ...

I need to shop but I am putting it off, I've seen the queues on the High Street and heard once again about all the panic buying in the supermarkets.  Will people ever learn, I thought so after last time ... perhaps I was wrong.

Sue xx


  1. I LOVE the Pooh and Piglet story LOL....It's cheered me up no end so thank you Sue :)
    Yes, here we go again although I feel better prepared this time around. Enjoy your walks, my friend, and give Suki a hug from me.
    Stay safe,
    Angie x

  2. That Pooh and Piglet cartoon is priceless, made me laugh out loud. Aint it the truth! We're not in full lockdown here in Scotland but at tier 3 we can't have anyone to the house again. It the nightmare that keeps on going, will someone please wake us all up!! Sounds like you have it sussed though. Take care. x

  3. Love Pooh and thought I wouldn't like the cartoon, but I forgive the use of him for this one time. I can still laugh.
    The governments are so all over the place that folks just don't know what to expect. If they are able to close all down with just a word , what is to say what they will do (or try to) next.
    I am enjoying your new paths and new scenery and new life. What a way to start all over. You have done it in a big way. Enjoy.

  4. I'm sorry you're having to struggle with queues and panic buying again. Thankfully, it seems to be service as usual here and the supermarket was actually very quiet this morning. Enjoy your walks. X

  5. You'll have to work hard to make me cheerful about the next 4 weeks - think I'm sinking into a hole of despair!
    ...............But I loved the Pooh cartoon.

    1. Hi Sue in Suffolk - here's a positive to cheer you up! I really look forward to reading your blog each day with its varied and interesting content - I must be nosey as well as enjoy hearing about historical info that's new to me. Unfortunately I can't read it at the moment as all our devices say the site isn't secure and won't allow me to access it. I need a computer expert I think or is anyone else experiencing problems? Apologies to the other Sue for using your blog to contact SinS. Vicki

    2. Hi Vicki, no problem in using my post to try to contact Sue in S.

      I've just checked nipping onto her blog this morning and on my computer it says it IS secure. Have you tried accessing Sue's blog via my sidebar to see if that helps at all instead of going there directly on your computer or device? Other than that all I can think of is that perhaps your cookie settings have altered ... I'm not an expert either though!!

    3. Thanks, Sue. It must be something to do with our internet provider I think as I can't seem to access it from anywhere! Unfortunately, we are having one of those weeks and it will have to be put on the back burner for the moment as we have had no electricity all day with workmen still here now at nearly 7.30pm.. Also today BT have been digging up the front to repair a fault (we didn't have a problem) and we have a great big hole in our grass verge at the front where a water pipe burst (they repaired it between 10pm and 1am on Tuesday evening/night)and they kept phoning wanting to come and fill it in .....and then the Fire Brigade arrived to deal with an out of control unattended bonfire (not ours)! I'm just doing a bit of catching up online before the power goes off again and to restore some kind of sanity! Vicki

  6. The Pooh and Piglet picture made me smile.
    I think I had my doom and gloom session last week and now I know the worst, I can feel things picking up again. Thank goodness to the internet.

  7. Pooh needs to run for Office ASAP, I'll vote for him! Before I went out on Sunday to meet a friend I went to Currys to pick up my grandsons Christmas present that I ordered on Wednesday. I looked over at Tesco's car park and thought the world was ending. No spaces to be had and a queue forming to get in. It was 10:15!

  8. Good to hear what you say. I will try and pull my socks and knickers up and follow Pooh.

  9. Pooh made me smile. Here the going cartoon with this story:

    What day is it, Pooh?
    Saturday, Piglet.
    Is trump still president?
    Yes Piglet.

    1. Love it. I think I would say Fuck too!

    2. I believe that I've uttered that word more in the last four years than I did the nearly 60 years that preceded it.

  10. It must be very difficult for the supermarket office people trying to work out how much loo paper to order for six months into the future ... there's got to be a point when people stop buying it and use up the gazillion rolls they've stored, and then the supermarkets will bout of kilter, won't they?

  11. Who doesn't love Pooh and Piglet♥♥ I do hope the time passes by quickly for everyone, stay safe and take good care xoxo

  12. I really don't think people learn. Here we have never really been on lock down and yet all I hear is complaints about wearing a mask. It is just a piece of cloth that you wear for perhaps 30 mins, not being asked to stay locked inside the house never to see the sun again.

    Enjoy your longer doggy walks.

    God bless.

  13. The cynic in me says that the government needs to suggest a lockdown every few months or so,this ridiculous panic buying must be a huge boost to the economy! Our usually deserted town was packed with shoppers laden with huge Primark bags and when Jon popped out for milk yesterday the shelves had been stripped.
    I love your list of zen things. Over the last seven and a half months I've learnt that taking my time over a task and doing it well is not only good for the self-esteem but it saves me having to redo it for a while.
    Stay safe, cosy and away from idiots! xxx


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