Wednesday 15 December 2021

Blogmas - Advent Day 15

I was in Alan's spare room the other day looking for something.  

It should be called the 'room of doom' as he has it stacked in a very weird way, or perhaps I should say 'non-stacked' ... you can just about open the door and peer in ... think Monica's Cupboard and imagine it all flat on the floor instead of piled on shelves and you have an idea 😄

Anyway I noticed that he has a tv table on wheels and there was a gap behind it, so I carefully pushed it backwards revealing cardboard boxes from the move that I hadn't seen before, or at least since I packed them back in Wales right at the start of this year.  Two boxes of books clearly labelled as such  ... I knew I had some books missing!!

I've asked him to carry them over when he has time and then I can try and find them a home here where they belong. 💖

Today's Advent calendar gift was a pleasant surprise, a beautifully scented candle.  I don't usually like the scent of roses, but this is divine.  I think I will save it until the New Year when all the Christmassy scents have been burnt and the house is clear of decorations.  

Just a little something special to look forward to.

Sue xx  🎄


  1. Oh, Alan. A bit in the dog house, I suspect. Lovely to have found those missing books though!

    1. It's a bit annoying, but he's not in the doghouse, the pooches wouldn't let him in ... naughty Daddy ;-)

  2. what a treat to find lost books !

  3. I hope you enjoy getting re-acquainted with your books!


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