Saturday, 4 December 2021

Blogmas - Advent Day 4 - Weekend Watching - 5


It's a gloomy morning to try and take a photo of my pretty socks and a make-up setting spray but I managed it and here they are, my gifts from the Advent calendars today.

Now here's something to make you feel all festive and make you go awww ...

And now perhaps something to make you want to rush off and tidy up your kitchen ... or of course you could just clutch your coffee cup and watch someone else do theirs 😄

Now how about something very tasty and very cheap to make, I love the look of the finished article ...

And some of the translated words made me literally laugh out loud 😄  Yep, I'm easily amused!!

Have a great weekend.

Sue xx 🎄


  1. Think I will just clutch my coffee and watch someone else declutter their kitchen. Much too early here to be so energetic.

    God bless.

  2. I loved the bread recipe but wonder if the 'sourdough' they put in to it was really meant to be yeast!!! What do you think? Can't wait to make some. Ann

    1. Yes, it looked like yeast and should be yeast I think. Some of the translation is a bit iffy 🤣😀

  3. Some of those Christmas commercials did make me tear up! Heartfelt! Here is a nice Christmas video that I found on another blog. I was amazed at the felting and knitting and crafts that went into putting this video together. Enjoy:


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