Sunday 26 December 2021

Our Christmas Day in Photos


My Christmas present to myself ... because you have to treat yourself sometimes  ๐Ÿ˜„

Lots of you will recognise this particular image.

I've always loved the cover of the book ... and the following one ...  almost as much as the contents, so it seemed like a wonderful idea to treat myself. 

  And now - Our Christmas Day in Photos ...

Mavis loved her Santa Sack and proceeded to actually play with her new toys, something she never usually does.  Suky spent all day looking for more dog treats.

I prepped some of lunch, but coffee won out first ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did potatoes and stuffing and a Tofurky roast.

Alan prepped his ham and the green demons,  along with carrots and the very last parsnip available in the supermarket.  Weird shape but very delicious.

We made lots of mess while dinner was cooking and then ate in front of the television watching Life of Pets 2 and then The Queen.  She looked beautiful, but sad and slight, and her words made us both fill up.

I got some lovely, thoughtful presents off Alan and wine from my son, just one of my favourite gifts was this box of matches.

With it's cuter than cute contents.

We spoke to relatives on the phone, watched television and ate and drank just enough to make us very happy and very content.  Then we each ended the day watching our own televisions, me with The Christmas Bake Off and Alan with a few episodes of NCIS.

I hope your day was as peaceful and happy.

Sue xx ๐ŸŽ„


  1. This is another spooky book coincidence.
    On my library book photo is a childrens book with cover illustration by the artist Angela Harding which I borrowed just because of her cover (but the story was good anyway) and I suggested they buy a copy of The year Unfolding and they have - so I'll be borrowing it when they get it in. -Lovely

    Glad your Christmas day was a good one

  2. Love those mice and your treat from you/to you. I've read The Salt Path but not her sequel. I was not attracted to that scraperboard style of art when younger, but now I love it. Bit like visiting churches andcathedrals which I thought was for old fogeys - now I am an old fogey and love them!!

  3. Merry Christmas a bit late Sue. Sorry I've not been around recently. We've had a lot going on to deal with this month aside from Christmas. It sounds like you've had a lovely Christmas and that makes me happy to hear! Enjoy this Christmas week! xxx

  4. Lovely gifts and treats. Happy New Year.

  5. It all sounds absolutely beautiful. I love the wee mice and as for The Queen - such a courageous lady she is, facing the end of a long and very full life alone and passing on the baton to her family.
    (I know she's not really alone but she's lost her life long soul mate and must feel very lonely)

  6. Watching The Queen making her speech made me so sad for her. I wanted to give her a gentle hug, but I guess she has no-one now who will always be there for the hugs. Such a wonderful lady she is.
    I love those matchbox mice and wish I'd seen them when I was online shopping for my granddaughter - she would love them.
    Are the 'presents to yourself' actual prints? I didn't realise they were available. They will look lovely on your walls.

  7. What a lovely and restful day you had. What cute matchbox mice.

    God bless.

  8. You did have a "good haul" -I especially love your calendar, it has a very similar style to the one we were given by Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) which we will also enjoy all year. I felt for the Queen, I thought she looked frail and quite thin, poor woman, she's so stoic but must also be so lonely. We shared Christmas with grandchildren 6 and 3. The NOISE was earsplitting, until they had their favourite toys - Sylvanian Families for Miss 3 and Logo for him at 6 1/2. Then silence fell and we could talk in normal tones with the other grandparents and enjoy our lunch together. Since then, the family has gone on holiday and we have relaxed.


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