Thursday 23 December 2021

Blogmas - Advent Day 23


I think today is a good day to stop for a moment in amongst all the rushing around and the sometimes perceived and self-inflicted mayhem that is the run up to Christmas Day, to think of others.  Those that might be hating all the build up and festivities, those that may be dreading what is supposed to be a 'family' day spent alone.

We each do Christmas in our own way and sometimes life and events can stir things up, change things in the blink of an eye to something that perhaps you weren't expecting or into something you are not looking forward to.  All the talk of buying this and that sometimes needs to stop and over a mug of coffee it's good to let the calm settle and realise that if things are different, or more difficult you can and will cope.  There are people thinking of you and caring about you,  if you just let them into your world a little.

Let's all take a moment or two today to be grateful for what we have, to say thank you to someone who has helped us ... even if that is just the dog, cat or goldfish for simply being there.  And to acknowledge that we matter, we all matter.  💖

Day 23 and I have a little tanning thingy.  

Seemingly you add it to moisturiser to get a 'healthy colour', I'll just eat some fruit and veggies and be healthy from the inside out instead.  I've never been one for a fake tan, even a mild one.

Sue xx🎄


  1. It's more important than ever to take a moment to reflect at this time of year. It can be far too easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the festive season, and forget that it is a difficult and challenging time for many. Xx

  2. Merry Christmas to you. A thoughtful post that I appreciated very much.

  3. Wise words indeed...Wishing you a sweet day.

  4. I stopped doing the commercially anticipated Christmas a long time ago. I do Christmas my way and I don't feel guilty about it anymore. Lovely post Sue, I will use my elevenses, tea and biscuit to quietly reflect on the things I am grateful for. X

  5. A very thoughtful post and wise words.

  6. A very good post Sue. I have always found Christmas stressful and have never fully enjoyed it as I always think of the poor people and animals in this world that perhaps have no home and are living through desperate times. Circumstances are different this year for us not only because of the pandemic but because of personal issues and learning to cope with people we lost last year. I will be glad to just stay at home and I am not even bothering with Christmas dinner. All the mayhem and chaos in the shops is just not worth it for one day. Taking this more relaxed attitude to Christmas is so much more less stressful. Does mountains of food and expensive gifts really make people happy? So, as you say, it is surely better and more meaningful to spread the love and kindness. However you are spending Christmas I hope you have a lovely time and thank you again for your wonderful inspiring blog posts.

  7. What a beautiful sentiment, and one which I wholeheartedly agree with. We do need more love in the world and I think my word for 2022 will be compassion.
    Thanks, Sue, for a lovely heartwarming post. Wishing you a very happy Christmas x

  8. That is a good message for every season! Not just Christmas but for every day. Thanks, Sue!

  9. So true, Sue. First Christmasses without a loved one, dramatic changes in circumstances, mental health problems (exacerbated by B*Covid for many) all mean Christmas can be a difficult time. And love is an attitude towards someone, not a showering with gifts.

    On the artificial tanning product, I'd be very wary - I have had horrendous itchy-for-weeks reactions, until I've finally accepted I will have pasty legs, and if people don't like it, they'd better not look.

    Happy Christmas to you, and thank you for sharing your most interesting life's journey with us.


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