Tuesday 15 December 2020

Oops, I Got a BIT Carried Away ...


It's Christmas and the shops are full of so many treats

I was stuck at home and an email pinged into my inbox telling me I had a £10 off voucher still to be used

I like chocolate

I like sweeties

I have been so good for so long

I like getting parcels to unpack


Just a few of my excuses for going wild in the virtual aisles at The VeganKind Supermarket

I had calmed down a bit by the time the parcel arrived just 48 hours later ...

... GULP!!

At first I was shocked

Then I got the giggles

It was worth the order for the the giggles

It doesn't looks quite as bad neatly contained in a basket ... does it?

Suky seems to be telling me 'yep it's as bad, no matter how you package or condense it'.

On the plus side 

I will be sharing a few of the things

And I have come to the decision that whatever is leftover after Christmas will be my sweetie allowance for the whole year of modern rationing that is coming up.

I better go a bit easy at Christmas then  😄

Sue xx


  1. I agree with Suky !! Saying that, what a lot of lovely treats , I am a little bit jealous. I have made sure that there are lots of treats for those in my home but have forgotten me, that will teach me to be different !! I have made some vegan mini buffet pasties and mince pies for the freezer but I must get myself some nice sweeties, veggie percy pigs spring to mind :)

  2. Well, tis the season! :-)
    I admit to having a bit of a stash put by as well - and yes, it will have to last well into the New Year as I am also going to be cutting back as much as possible.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. Not just giggles. That is quite a stash of goodies, but considering this $%#&%$& year, it actually seems quite reasonable. Enjoy!

  4. That lot looks good. I've been a vegetarian over 40 years and keep thinking of going vegan. Every time time I try, I get something wrong! Last effort ended with throat pain which I put down to lack of magnesium - my thyroid was complaining at the lack of dairy milk. I'm probably too haphazard about it. I'm sure I'll be trying again, though!

  5. You are a hoot! Just look at it as life saving. :)

  6. Thanks for the laugh!.. If ever you were going to do that, this is the year!!! Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. everyone deserves treats at christmas x

  8. I looked at the candy aisle when I was at the grocery store today but didn't find anything to tempt me. I am not a big chocolate fan (gives me headaches) so not much else to pick from.
    At least your treats are healthier? And after all, it IS Christmas - time to celebrate!

  9. Oh my, you did a really big treat shop. But as you are sharing I don't think it's as bad as you think.

    God bless.

  10. you're a hoot. Someone that does something funny, or does something out of the ordinary, and then is commented to or about with the entry. The results may be viewed as being anything from weird to hilarious. definition from the urban dictionary...
    I didn't want you to think it was a bad thing.

  11. *squints* some folks might have gone nuts...vut not you. Your self control is amazing. :)


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