Monday, 14 December 2020

Sweet Caroline, Jam and Rain


Just brilliant!!  😁

My little advent calendar jams are going down a treat.  A different jam every time I'm in the mood for a sweet treat is lovely ... and there's a couple of marmalades that have appeared now too.

It's been a wet few days hasn't it?   I'm positively not enjoying being temporarily house-sitting in Wales while Alan has to work away.  Everywhere is completely waterlogged ... and the chickens are sulking!!

Sue xx


  1. Very wet here too. We are all getting muddy and wet underfoot.

  2. Teenage Kicks are out the window too.

  3. Don't mention mud to me - in the middle of sugar beet harvesting and carting it to the factory every road round here has an inch layer of mud. my car is so dirty that I'm nearly illegal with the number plates being too dirty to see

  4. I feel like one of your chickens too. Fed up with Covid, wet weather and 2020 per se!

  5. LOVE the Sweet Caroline bit! A clever clogs thought that one out.

    Sue - we have a clean-ish car for once as I had to get it properly done before the MoT (e.g. underneath). More efficient than me with a sponge and bucket of soapy water.

    Sue - we had very heavy showers when out today - hope you haven't got the same weather.

  6. The banned Sweet Caroline board is so clever. Love it! Wet and wild here yesterday too Sue. But... we had a smashing bit of sun this morning, though it's now almost 4pm and very dark....It will soon be the shortest day and then we can turn the corner and head back towards Spring. We can start to look forward not back :) Poor chickens...

  7. Got me singing Sweet Caroline before I scrolled down a bit and saw the sign...then I giggled.
    Different scenery different day.... that family that is coming to buy your place will see it during Christmas,make sure you let them look then.

  8. What a cute sign to put up! That sure made me smile! Thanks, Sue!

  9. Presumably the hens are shut up now because of fowl pest - so no wonder they are sulking.


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