Monday, 7 December 2020

The Holly and the Ivy

The Holly and the Ivy in one spot together on the riverbank ... every bloody day when I pass it it gets the song in my head and I fight to shake it off for ages.  Very festive but very annoying ... although in a good way I guess.  😄

Fuelling me at the moment are simple meals made from simple ingredients.  

I made a gorgeous Potato, Quinoa and Chickpea coconutty curry for my tea yesterday but while I let the flavours develop more on that, there was a baked potato and homemade coleslaw for my lunch  I feel better for eating more nutritious food, but it's a vicious cycle isn't it, when you most need it you feel the least like making it.  I had to force myself out of a fug of eating all the packets and ready made things in the cupboards and actually get out some ingredients before they all went off.

A woman can not live off vegan sausage rolls and crisps for too long!!

Cheering me each day have been my Advent Calendars ... I know I'm just a great big kid 😁

But searching for the date, opening the little door and revealing a Christmassy image in one, a jar of jam or marmalade in the other and a little animated clip or cartoon in the Jacqui Lawson online one is making my day.  Finding the little Gonks is also proving fun and having them ding, dong and dance on the shelves of the Christmas holiday cottage makes me laugh, you won't know what on earth I'm on about if you haven't got this years calendar, I've not lost my marbles completely ... honestly!!

Sue xx


  1. I watched Lucy Worsley's a Tudor Christmas last night. They sang the song The Holly and the Ivy, and said that it had been written by Henry VIII, which is something I didn't know. They had the kind of foods they would have eaten at Christmas, your meal sounded much nicer!!!

  2. I never think of holly without thinking of Steptoe and Son!

    I know what you mean about feeling like cooking. I did yesterday what I ought to do more often - I cooked today's more interesting tea in advance while warming up a ready meal in the microwave. I might get round to doing it more often. I'll see.

  3. We all get a little crazy at Christmas. That's not a bad thing!

  4. It is gorgeous where you live and nice to see you enjoying the season. I love the lights this time of year. my meals have been simpler and warmer as well.

  5. I are making your own happy merry and I applaud you!

  6. I'm liking the sound of your curry - yum! If it was up to Jon we'd probably live off vegan sausage rolls and crisps! xxx

  7. I don't know.... wandering aimlessly in a lost-my-marbles state sounds very appealing to me at the moment. *haha* ~Andrea xoxo

  8. I'm enjoying finding the little Gonks and watching them dance on the shelves too! I keep thinking how it will look and sound when there are 25 of the little guys! I love the games and the cottage too and I'm so glad you mentioned this so I could find it and get one. I get so busy with Christmas preparations this time of the year and a little treat like that Advent Calendar is really a great break!

  9. It sounds like you are enjoying your advent calendar and getting into the spirit. I loved baked potato and coleslaw, one of my favs.

  10. I bet those Advent calendars keep you well occupied.

    God bless.

  11. The tree picture is lovely.
    I'm certain there is something about all Christmas music that keeps it playing in your head for ages. X


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