Sunday 20 December 2020

Impress Yourself

I have always chosen to walk a slightly different path, chopping and changing along the way adapting to a stage in my life, a whim or the weather.  But whatever, I have always impressed myself.

Life has never held me back, or indeed pushed me forward more than I could cope with, and it's always kept things fresh ... and kept me with so much to blog about over these past thirteen years whether of interest to my readers or purely as a history book for myself.

Sometimes change is good and sometimes stability is good, we are each and every one of us different and unique ... and that is the best thing of all.  

I think blogland gives us all a chance to share glimpses of our lives with our readers and fellow bloggers, posts and comments connect us and let us into a special club or group of people that love the connection and camaraderie.  There are always the few that take liberties, share a stroppy mood or are simply downright rude.  They get short shift here but appear on others blog comments sections with all their bad moods, warts and ugliness visible for all to see.

I have no idea what I'm blathering on about really but the message I want to convey is clear, in life whatever you do, do it to above all else impress yourself.  

Whether it's with some mind-blowing invention, a delicious recipe, a week of sticking to a diet or a keep fit regime, or whether it is simply getting out of bed and making that delicious cup of coffee that goes back to bed with you and gives you that first caffeine hit of the day.

Make today the day that you impress yourself with one thing and congratulate yourself on that.

And can I be the first to say ... Well Done  👍

There  is a real joy of missing out that I am rather weirdly savouring at the moment.

Sue xx


  1. So, JOMO not FOMO. Absolutely! There are a lot of acronyms and the like around these days. I actually know FOMO but I rarely get a message from my son that doesn't require me to consult the Urban Dictionary!

  2. I find the more I stay home, the less I want to go anywhere....

  3. Strangely, I'm feeling the JOMO today too. I'm alone and I've thrown open the windows to let in air, done some vacuuming and tidying, and cooked myself a lovely spicy veggie burger on a bun. Its going chilly now so I've closed the windows and am about to make a coffee, sit and enjoy JOMO a little more 🙂 AND I impressed myself with my resolution to just get on with things and not THINK!
    Thank you, Sue, for a lovely relaxing post again today x

  4. JOMO, I doing exactly that at the moment. Hubby volunteered me along with himself to go to my eldest daughters early this morning to sit and wait for an Ikea delivery, while she takes her youngest son to football. Hell no! he can do that all by himself!! I spoke with a friend yesterday and I said I really don't mind my own company.

  5. Good words... wonderful message. Thank you for it, Sue! ~Andrea xoxo

  6. Thank you Sue, that was an inspiring message :)

  7. That was a marvelous thing to think on.

  8. A good reminder for us all I think. I've always admired your resilience, Sue. X

  9. JOMO! I love that, thank you.

  10. Hello, I just found your blog through another blog I've followed for years--Life After Money. I just love this very inspiring post, all of it resonates with me. I'm glad to have found you, will be following going forward. Happy New Year!


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