Monday 21 December 2020

New Holiday Traditions


Oh yes 🎄🎄🎄

And if they also involve watching favourite, much loved films that you have seen before and can just sink into so much the better.

This year more than ever we need traditions

 A little stability

And a lot of calm.

It's up to us to find it in the mundane and the every day

It is there

If you look

Sue xx


  1. Christmas Eve to 7 Jan we are more or less in full lockdown here in Italy, nothing to do but accept things and be calm, fortunately the coffee is great and it’s sunny. Have the best Christmas you can.

  2. Traditions are so grounding, I agree. Very much needed right now.

  3. Over the last few years we've recorded Christmas episodes of various programmes, even Midsomer Murders, and we re-watch most of them each Christmas. Quite enjoyable to sink into, as you say!

  4. It's up to us to find the positives, isn't it. I am reminding myself of that right now. Xx

  5. Stability and calm. Absolutely. Thing is, we've chosen to remain locked down here because, luckily, we can. So, here, on a day-to-day basis, there is a lot of stability and calm. I was saying, only the other day, half jokingly, apart from the fact that there's a lot to worry about, that in a way most days feel like Christmas here. All the more reason for traditions to differentiate one day from another!

  6. As of 12:01am Dec. 24th the whole Province is going into complete lockdown so it will be a very quiet Christmas all round. I have food & drink, films to watch, lovely Christmas music to listen to and I will contact family and friends by phone, email and Zoom. The one friend in my bubble (allowed for singles) will come upstairs to dinner and that will be it. I'm actually feeling fairly relaxed and it is far less stressful to just stay home at the moment.

    Oh and there is also a box of chocolates and some wine gums waiting for me as well!

    Merry Christmas and stay safe!

  7. I am sitting here reading blogs and drinking my coffee in my pajamas. I am casting my vote with yours!

  8. Too true. Back to the simple things in life.

  9. Sounds good to me, Sue. Wishing you a happy Christmas. X

  10. Take each day as it comes here. I love the simple, quiet times of a good book.

    God bless.

  11. You're right...Happy Christmas, Sue; and a healthy new year in your own new home

  12. So true Sue:) Merry Christmas Sue, Alan and fur babies and very best wishes for your new home♥ xoxo


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