Tuesday 28 April 2020

A Hair Trim, and a Visit to the Vets

It had to be done!!

My fringe was over my eyebrows and all wispy and weird, so I got out the old hairdressing scissors.  Before I started using them I looked at them and realised that, gosh these must be at least 40, yes FORTY years old.  I used to cut my fringe all the time in between hairdressers visits when my hair was long in the days before my boys were born.

I jokingly shared my photo and tagged Margaret, my hairdresser in it.  We're friends on Facebook, so she saw it straight away.  She said I had a done a good job but to make sure I kept Alan away from the clippers, he's jokingly said in the past that he'll give me a number four cut with his hair clippers and Margaret my hairdresser has said DO NOT LET HIM ... in no uncertain terms 🤣   

In other news ... much less amusing news ... we had to rush Suky to the vets yesterday.  She had had a runny eye for a few days last week, but over the weekend it had worsened and her eye looked milky and sore.

After a bit of a tussle with the vets receptionist on the phone who was saying over and over again that it was genuine emergencies only and the vet would not be able to see us ... even when Alan described exactly what was wrong.  In the end Alan said 'so you call a Pug potentially losing an eye a non-emergency?' and she relented and gave us an appointment for 10.30am.

The new procedure is that you pull into the car park, ring to let them know you are there and the vet comes out of the locked surgery door to talk to each person when it is their appointment time, taking the animal back into the treatment room to check over or treat if necessary.

Sadly the people waiting to see the vet before us with a dog with numerous shaved bits on it's fur on both sides of it's body, had brought their beloved pet to be put to sleep.  We couldn't help but hear the sad conversation as the vet told them how hard they had tried with all the exploratory work for some unknown disease or problem.  They were doing the best for their beloved pet, who although beautiful and obviously quite young, looked worn down and weary  How hard not to be able to cuddle your fur baby when it takes it's last breath in these sad Coronavirus filled days.  

I had tears in my eyes when the vet reappeared to see Suky.

While the vet was with Suky Alan took Mavis for a little walk along the country lane by our vets, and I waited by the car for the vet to bring Suky back out.  She said it was a good job that we had brought her in as this was a serious eye ulcer, one which had eaten through layers of her cornea.  She is now on antibiotic cream and another eye moisturising cream to try and help her eye heal itself.   Once you have your animal back and the medicines it needs you once again ring the surgery number and pay for the treatment over the phone.  With a return trip for a check up booked on Thursday, at least we now know the new routine. 

Already after a few doses of her antibiotic eye cream she is much better in herself, and they are both not quite as stir crazy after being out in the car, even if it was only for a short while.

Sue xx


  1. Poor Suky, hope her eye continues to improve. How dreadfully sad for the people before you :'(

  2. I hope she is better soon - glad you won the battle with the Receptionist! Eye problems always need checking. Sorry about the people in front of you - as if they didn't have enough on their plate with Lockdown . . .

  3. It's a good job you stuck to your guns a persevered with getting an appointment.

  4. I hope Suki gets better soon. So sad for the people before you. Glad your wee pups are feeling better for their wee ride and change of scenery. We did the same with Lizzy on Sunday when we went to drop of supplies for my Mum and Lizzy thoroughly enjoyed her short ride with her head stuck out the window catching the breeze.
    It seems that vet's receptionists are getting as bad Doctors receptionists are! Our Doctors has 2 rottwielers for receptionists. I have told ours more than once, that I wont discuss mr reasons for seeing the doctor as thety are not medically trained but he is.
    Take care all.

  5. I had to take my elderly cat to the vets last week but sadly did not get to bring him home. I sort of knew it was his time but it still hurts and the house is not the same without him. I live alone so will finally have to admit I talk to myself as I no longer have him as an excuse. Despite the sadness I could still see some humour in the situation - handing over the cat box to the masked, gloved nurse made me feel like some sort of spy (or drug dealer as my daughter said), plus I couldn't hear the vet very well on the phone as the pigeons that nest in the trees in the little copse behind the surgery were cooing rather loudly.

  6. Having one's pet put to sleep is about as bad as it gets. It is now about two months since I had Tess put to sleep as I held her in my arms and I miss her every day. Glad that eye was caught in time.

  7. Poor Suky, and how sad that the other people could not hold their dog as it went to sleep :o(

  8. I'm glad you got her in to be seen. Poor baby. I hope it heals quickly!

  9. Poor Suky, I hope she feels better very soon.

    My bangs (fringe) needs trimming too, but the last time I cut them on my own my hairdresser in no uncertain terms told me not too. I don't think I did as good a job as you.

    God bless.

  10. Glad to hear that she is getting better. As you say, it must be hard to not be with them if the vet is having to put them to sleep. How stressful.

  11. our little cat has a bad eye at the mo yet has been on antibiotic drops for weeks, it is much better today as has been raining - we think it's hayfever. She is terminally ill and we are thinking euthanasia may be imminent, reading your post has saddened me as it looks unlikely we could be with her in her last moments, hope it doesn't come to this during isolation. Hope our little pug perks up and the eye responds to treatment.

  12. Thank goodness you took Sukey in when you did. It must have been a very sad visit - those poor people.

  13. Poor Suky and what a good job you insisted on seeing the vet. Her eye must be so sore. And how awful for the people ahead of you in the queue to arrive with their pet and leave without him. Hard times indeed.
    You made a good job of the fringe, Sue, I am afraid to try...lol.


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