Wednesday 8 April 2020


I've just finished prepping the log burner for tonight, in case it's needed.

The sun shining on the logs made me grab the camera for a quick photo.

It's been another glorious day here in North Wales, but sunny clear days usually mean clear and cold nights, so it's best to be prepared.

Enough  logs on this side and the other for an evenings warmth.

The kindling basket is full ready for the next few days.

It's nice to be prepared.

Outside I've been round topping up all the wild bird drinking areas and bird baths.  The hot sun and no rain has meant that as well as being drunk from and bathed in, it has been evaporating too.

Everything is starting to take on that lovely green lushness that Spring brings.

Planters watered,  and dog drinkers filled with fresh clean water too.  Mavis loves this one, and always stops for a quick slurp on our way back from the paddock so I try to keep it clean.

Shady corners, and flowering herbs smelling so sweet in the late afternoon sunshine.  With insects flitting around and bees landing on the flowers of the Rosemary and Thyme.

Just indoors and outdoors today.

Keep well, stay safe. 

Sue xx


  1. We have a shady area that I'm fixing to plant herbs. Can't wait.
    Snow coming to our area this weekend, I hear. Sunny out now.

  2. Lovely to see these signs of spring.

  3. Doesn't this sunshine make a huge difference? It's such a mood lifter. A few hours in the garden tomorrow getting a small patch ready for the veg I intend growing.

  4. Your Spring looks a bit further on than ours here in the Yorkshire Dales

  5. It all looks so happy and cosy. Loving the fireplace. xx

  6. Still very cool here, but the sun is shining today and it really makes a difference. I am living vicariously through the pictures of spring in the United Kingdom. Spring is just starting to arrive here on the prairies of Canada.

    God bless.


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