Saturday 18 April 2020

This is My Weekend

This week there has been a little trickle of cards arriving for me, one a day every day.  It's been exciting in these strange times to see the postman bringing me cards for my birthday.  It may sound strange and slightly childish I know, but I really do think you have to take the little snippets of happiness from wherever you can get them.

Also starting tomorrow, and just in time for my birthday is the new series of Killing Eve.  We love this, for the silliness of it, the shock of the strange killings and the good storyline that it has.

Alan wondered what he could get me for my birthday that wouldn't entail a trip out to the shops ... I gave him a brilliant idea for something that I have always wanted.  It's something else that many might see as very childish, but I briefly had one when we lived at Jointers farm, sort of had one at our next address and have been without one ever since ... but never one of my own. 

He finished making it yesterday and I have just been outside to check the final positioning of it.

That's when I noticed the state of my car.

Look at that layer of dust and grime, not to mention sawdust and little dead critters on the front grill.

I think my car deserves a treat for my birthday too.

I'll be back tomorrow to give you the big reveal on my 60th birthday present from Alan.  Now I have to go and find the hosepipe and a big bucket of soapy water and get this poor little car back to some semblance of shine.

Sue xx


  1. Happy big 60 for tomorrow, Sue....I wonder what the big surprise is?! Our car looks like that permanently - living in a rural farming area with tiny narrow lanes, farms and tractors, the car gets dirty again immediately husband washes he doesn't bother more than once or twice a year.

    1. I do try and get it cleaned at least once a month when I'm here in Wales as the amount of motorway travel I do each week means it gets coated with all sorts of insects as well as grime. Usually some lovely guys do it for me at the hand carwash in Llandudno while I go shopping. They only charge £5.50 for a wash, wax and polish and as I would have to pay £2 for parking, leaving it with them for an hour or so while I shop means the car wash is only actually costing me 3.50 ... and keeping them in work. Winner, winner ... shiny car, happy me.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes ... you can come back tomorrow and see what the surprise is and do it all over again ;-)

  2. The good weather has a lot to answer for. The tractor came down our road to get the fields behind us this week, not only did he leave a trail of oil behind he covered everything in dust from the seed box he was carrying. Happy birthday for tomorrow, looking forward to your 60th birthday present reveal😜

  3. Happy 60th birthday Sue! I can't wait to see your unusual present, whatever can it be? :?
    My car is filthy too just from sitting on the drive but cleaning will have to wait. It's been raining all morning so perhaps it will end up a bit cleaner

  4. Happy birthday Sue. Looks as though the car is having a birthday too.

  5. Happy Birthday, Sue. I have an idea what your gift might be but won't spoil it by guessing here! I will be patient and wait for the big reveal to see if I am correct! Best wishes for a healthy and happy year!

  6. Happy Birthday Sue. Like Sooze, our car only gets cleaned very irregularly as we live next door to a dairy farm, and if it ain't muddy, then it's very dusty along the narrow lanes.

  7. Happy Birthday Sue! I hope you have a wonderful day! I wonder if your secret wish is a tree swing? I had one once and loved it. In fact I would love to have one now but we don't have any suitable trees. Whatever your wish is - enjoy it!

  8. Oh what a tease you are!

    My car really needs cleaning too but as I only get it out of the garage once a fortnight I keep forgetting

  9. New series of Killing Eve starts here this evening (19/4). The Golfer will be glued to the ser, me not so interested.
    As for me car - least said about that the better. Housed outside and white in colour = grubby!

  10. Sue, wishing you a very happy birthday from Washington state, USA. I'm looking forward to your 60th birthday surprise reveal.


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