Monday 6 April 2020

Ethel and Joey ... and Views from a Different Perspective

Look who's back  😃🐑

Shepherd Will brought Ethel back yesterday to graze on our paddock once again.  With her was a surprise little guest, her son, now named Joey.  He just looks like a Joey.

She was quick to check out her little house, and make sure it was still home.

With her is another elderly and rather fleece worn sheep with her lamb.  They are slowly taking the lead of Ethel and realising that us and the dogs are nothing to be afraid of, but naturally for the moment they are a little bit stand offish.

It was nice to have Ethel home, we seriously thought she would not survive the Winter even with Will's good shepherding skills, and to have her back alongside her three week old lamb is a lovely bonus.  Jasmine, Ethel's daughter from last year is currently living nearer to Will's farm and living with a group of one year old who will not go on to have lambs of their own until next year.

Confined to quarters as we are at the moment we are making good use of the paddock for the dogs.  They have fifteen minutes of laps around the paddock every morning with Alan, along with a good run around and plenty of sniffing and exploring and then after tea we both go over walk around the perimeter once and then sit on the grass and watch the world go by while they let off steam and have a good run around.

With the lambs now there to join in it should make for even more fun afternoons.  I wonder if Joey will end up as dog-like as Jasmine got last year.  She would chase Mavis from one end of the paddock to the other and then Mavis would chase her back.  No doubt a bit disconcerting for motorists watching the former and somewhat alarming for motorists watching the latter.

Yesterday the weather was glorious and in the heat of the late afternoon sun I lay back, avoiding rabbit dropping and sheep poo and did a spot of cloud watching.

I decided to take a couple of upside down photos while I reclined on the hillside, which when I loaded to the computer were automatically 'righted', so I had to figure out which were meant to be upside down and which were the right way up 😃

It was so relaxing watching as clouds crossed quickly overhead in the warm breeze and fizzled out to nothing as they drifted over our land.

A completely different  perspective on life.

It was a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing way to spend an hour after a day of doing various jobs around the place.  

Animals, sunshine and birdsong ... what more could you need.

Sue xx


  1. We are so lucky, those of us who live far from the madding crowd. We say this every day, thank God we live here.

  2. Thanks for this much-needed glimpse into a lovely world. I feel relaxed just looking at those photos.

  3. What a lovely post, it reminds us that behind all the awfulness at the moment, the world is still a beautiful place and to see those gorgeous animals where nature intended instead of on a plate is just wonderful ! Thank you.

  4. Hope it's a bit quieter there with less traffic going by. You will have lots of fun sheep watching!

  5. So that's where the blue sky went yesterday.

  6. I loved your little video. I love how quiet the world has become. I commented today to my neighbour that I would swear the birds are cheeping louder than usual now! Nothing can beat a blue sky, a few fluffy clouds and some birds singing in the background. x

  7. Gosh - haven't done that in years! Lovely photos., of the clouds and the lambs!
    One of my step-sisters and her husband raise sheep but this will be their last year as they are planning on retiring. She has had some health issue and he is now in his 70's and its a lot of work - but they will miss the lambs.

  8. Thank you for sharing with us, I do love to see the lambs in the spring. We haven't got any yet up on the moor, but then we can be a number of weeks behind. I haven't planted any seeds yet, as we could still have a frost. Helen S.

  9. Love the pictures and the video. Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven.

  10. Welsh Lambs... my Mom, who was from North Wales, really missed seeing the Countryside spotted with them. Here in the Desert you don't see many being raised, I would imagine the Heat would be difficult to bear with those thick Wool Coats!

  11. Aww, so glad Ethel has come back for a visit. She looks pretty good and her lamb is a real cutie.

    Love watching the clouds scuttle across a bright blue sky.

    God bless.


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