Thursday 2 April 2020

Becoming Unbusy

There's a lot of talk on the internet and on blogs about keeping busy during these strange and worrying days.  Keep your mind and your body occupied and there won't be time for worry. 

Now there's absolutely no harm in this and at first being back here in Wales I too have felt the urge to keep myself busy, to get things done, achieve all those things that I've been putting off for so long.

Now it's time to call it a day on that.

This is not me anymore.

When my Mum phones she frequently says at the end of a call  'I'll let you go now, I know how busy you are'. 

 I'm not, if I was I won't be anymore ... I don't need to be.

I don't want to be.

Exactly this!!

We seem to put more value on the people that are busy.  The people that rush around doing this and that and never say no to doing just a little bit more.

If you want something done, ask a busy person people say.  And yes, I used to fall right in that category.  Always squeezing just a little bit more into my day.

And losing a little bit more of me each time I did.

Now is the time to claim that bit back.

And this enforced time at home to think quietly about this has been quite cathartic for me and has only reinforced my knowledge that for me the way forward is complete and utter simplicity.

A call back to a simple way of life, here for the moment, back in the Van when I am able.

While I'm here I will be whittling down my possessions, so that when I am able to return to the Van packing my life into a tiny Fiat 500 car will not be a problem.

Someone who knows all about and lives a simple live is Niamh over at Fairyland Cottage.  Her videos published each Sunday are an oasis of calm.  If you don't already watch them or subscribe to her channel do so you will love what you find.

Her sunrise of birdsong is wonderful to hear.

Sue xx


  1. Not me. I don't care for that silly busy, busy life. I tell you the truth, I love to sit, be still and swing my feet at the kitchen table as I sip tea and look out into the woods (though we recently moved the table). That's okay though because it's so nice out that I go outside and sit at the table outside and be still or on the steps. And today, I walked through the woods and picked wild garlic/onions.

    Also, I work from home and I cannot say enough how valuable my quiet still time is to me, each day. That said, I am constantly being told things like, "Oh look how busy you keep yourself." No, I'm working from home to make videos and write. But that's not what some people see. It's a weird thing.

    But yeah, that whole, busy word. Drives me nuts. It's in my top sayings that drive me batty. Same goes for when people tell me now busy they are. It's just not a word I enjoy. That said, I did enjoy your post. Here's to quiet time and big smiles. Cheers and boogie boogie, Ivy.

  2. Well, I am one of those busy people I'm afraid. There is so much here to do, and felled trees aren't going to cut themselves up into logs, unfortunately. Nor will seeds grow themselves, plots dig themselves over or walks happen without my participation. I am using this time to revisit the me of 30 years ago when time was the most important thing I had. I've always cooked from scratch, but now I am revisiting old recipes to make the most of the supplies we have in store.

    I have "me time" each day, when I go for a walk, read, sew (lots of craft projects and several quilts to finish) or just sit in the sunshine and unwind, but I have always worked hard and kept busy and can't change myself now, especially when it takes my mind off worrying about my family. Each to his own.

  3. Hi Sue, I have been busy catching up on things, but it doesn't bother me if I am unbusy, we are busy doing things in preparation for when we can have a more simpler life. I have had a few days not doing much now and it's been lovely.

  4. I don't jump out of bed anymore, in fact I'm still in it at 10:10. I have a routine and one its done its done. I chill even when I'm doing other things. I listen to a book while cooking or seeing. It's all done at a leisurely pace.

  5. I think it all depends on what definition you put on the word busy. Some people are always busy with housework, fine if you enjoy your house. Or busy with family, or work, or meeting friends. If it becomes a chore and you resent the time lost by repeating these activities, it needs to stop.

  6. Yes, we do need to define the word busy I think and it does mean something different to each of us/ But there is no doubt this crisis has had the effect of slowing us all down and that is no bad thing. I shall now go to Fairyland Cottage as it does indeed sound attractive.

  7. I'm usually a busy person - at least that's how others see me - but over the past couple of years I think I've worked out a better balanced life. I enjoy getting out and about and I enjoy the few hours a day that I'm normally in the office - but I also value time to myself and I am quite enjoying having a bit more of that.
    I do need a bit of a routine and was rather lost the first couple of weeks of lockdown - but now that I have to accept that its going to be another month - at least - I'm slowing down and finding a better - new balance. Yes, I'm doing Spring cleaning and clearing out more things - but it doesn't have to be done in a weekend - I can do a bit every day. I can enjoy trying out some new recipes instead of doing a batch cook on the weekend to save time during the week - and I don't have to rush through my library books - they are with me for the duration. But I do miss socializing with my friends even though we are doing everything possible to stay in touch.

  8. I will have to Practice becoming Unbusy. As an Adult with ADHD I'm sure it will slow down my racing Thoughts and give me Rest, but it will be a Process to Learn, since I am one to be striving for Productivity in order to keep my Mind off of things that Trouble me, sitting Still with Thought for me can sometimes put me in a Bad Head Space. Thank you for the Link to Niamh, I will Need an Oasis of Calm during this Time of Pandemic. Be Well and Stay Safe.

  9. The problem is I'm so unbusy I might not get myself going again! Enjoy your own unbusyness. xx

  10. I am cream crackered working flat out in the NHS so I'd love to do nothing Sue.

    1. Thank you. You are appreciated so much 👏👏👏

    2. Absolutely, a thank you from us too, you are all angels x

  11. Busy busy busy. My southern grandma used to say, Busy meant, "Being Under Satans Yoke." AS an introvert, I am content. My husband is always trying to keep busy. We balance each other out.

  12. Once the few household chores are done each day, I take up my knitting and just be.

    God bless.

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  14. Sorry, first comment replaced because of typos:

    There is busy as in “rushing around like a headless chicken in order not to have time to think” and there is “busy, getting on with stuff in a mindful way”.

    I go for the second option and rather than ‘busy’ just think of myself as “generally fairly active”. There is a difference, I feel.

  15. On a light note, I am reminded of the song " Busy doing nothing ", I am now off to find it on you tube !

    1. I'm not even doing the 'trying to find lots of things not to do' bit :-)


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