Friday 17 April 2020

Chats and Farmyard Noises

Ethel and Joey

I was talking on the phone to my Mum in Manchester yesterday with the background sound effects of the sheep baa-ing for all they were worth.  They had spotted me going into the polytunnel to take the propagator lids off the seedlings while I was chatting away to Mum, and decided to try and persuade me to come over to feed them some Ewe Nuts. 

At first Mum thought it was me burping ... no comment!!

Then this morning my son phoned for a chat from his home in Workington.  At home all alone he phones regularly for a chat, but luckily he has been called back into work starting from Monday so he will be able to stop washing his car, cutting his grass, painting his walls and generally making his little bachelor pad the cleanest, freshest, neatest place on the planet ... Army training and a Stay Home instruction does that to a guy!!

Anyway while we were chatting both cockerels decided that now was the time to make themselves heard and we had almost ten minutes of cock-a-doodle-doing, with the answering call from our neighbours cockerels drifting across the road.

At least Simon knew from the start that it wasn't me  🤣🤣

Sue xx

Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday 


  1. What does your mum think you eat Sue? Lol!

  2. Farm yard noises over the phone sounds good to me having lived on a farm for twenty years - the pleasure without the work.

  3. It is good to see Ethel looking well. Didn't you have her for a bit when she was not doing well and you even gave her a t-shirt to wear! Since then she has had babies twice!

    1. Yes she came to us with a life threatening wound after a bad bout of fly strike. The t-shirt was on for 48 hours to give the medicated cream the vet prescribed time to work and to keep it dry. If her original owner had gotten her back she would have been wacked over the head and killed. Instead she has had two lovely sturdy little single lambs, Jasmine and Joey and has had another couple of years of happy grass munching and living in her little house on the hill

    2. Ethel has such a sweet story thanks to you two!

  4. Things are so quiet that I bet all those farm yard sounds are twice as loud as usual.

    God bless.

  5. < chuckle > Lovely country sounds!


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