Saturday 11 April 2020

Outside/Inside/Outside ... Put Off Jobs

The other day I was working outside but inside!!

I decided that while I had the time I would go through all the leftover stock from last years car boot sales and the stuff that we have sorted out since then ready to sell before we move and get it all ready for the first car boot sale we get to do.  Well I say first but it will be the one and only.  After that one we will sell all remaining stock to someone else who wants to continue doing car boots either at the venue itself if anyone is interested, or if not there we will sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

We did that at the end of last year with five boxes of stuff we were sick of seeing.  We photographed the boxes full of stuff, advertised it and had it picked up and paid for within hours.  We've never been the sort of car booters that bring the same stock back to the same car boot sales over and over again.  We give things one or two chances to sell and then move them on.

Now it's all sorted out, price stickers that were on now taken off most things, and all planned out for us to have one table of 20p items and one table of £1 items.  With a small selection of things at a higher price point which will be labelled with the price we want.  The boxes will fit neatly into the truck for the journey and some of the cardboard boxes can be used to package up the things we will be selling en-masse on our return.

The empty plastic boxes I still have here will hopefully be filled with more unwanted items over the next couple of weeks and then all the plastic boxes will be kept ready for our hopefully imminent house move ... that is if we ever get the house on the market!!

It's a good job I chose to work in the shed when I did, as first thing this morning Alan fixed the bottom of the door ... and then took the steps away to be repaired.

New pieces were being cut to size in the workshop ready to fix the steps that have been a death trap for the last couple of years.

It's good to have the time to do all these put off jobs at last, even if I am missing the Van dreadfully.  I keep imagine the grass ... it's going to be waist high.  

Time to look out the scythe methinks!!

Sue xx


  1. We have a small mountain of boxes ready for the car boot, I keep adding to them, hopefully we will be able to do one at some point this year.

  2. We are also the same here, lots and lots of boxes ready for car boot, hopefully we will get some done later this year? We are thinking of going through the boxes of books again at the end of April as we did quite well last week and sold 3 banana boxes and a medium one to Ziffit. Considering it is quite easy to do and you don't have to leave the house, well worth doing and at least the piles of boxes are going down in the right direction. Helen S.

  3. How different all our lives have become over the past few weeks - it is easier for people like me who have been retired for years. I cannot imagine ever having to move again.

  4. When I put off grass cutting for a couple of summers (for various reasons) I was rewarded with a mass of wild orchids; mostly Dactylorhiza fuchsii - Common Spotted, but there are possibly a couple of Northern Marsh orchids too.

    Who needs a scythe?

  5. At least you'll be all good to go once lockdown is lifted. I'm thinking of the garden at my other house it will be a month next Friday since I did the garden. I dare say everything in pots will be dead😱 it's like being at the starting block and going no where. I'm not good at sitting on my hands when I know stuff needs doing.

  6. I see this, and I get inspired. Then, I get off the computer and do nothing. I'm hopeless. lol


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