Friday 30 December 2022

Betwixtmas Day Five - One of My Special Treasures


On Christmas Eve reader Debby asked me in the comments section about the little pitcher/jug/creamer in my current header photograph and I said I would talk about it for her.

This lovely little ... and yes, it is little ... jug was a present from long-time blogging buddy John Gray of Going Gently fame.  He gave it to me on one of our many visits to each other, I think on that particular day he brought this for me, and then when he went home he left clutching jam, marmalade and half a dozen just laid eggs.

We've swapped other gifts over the course of the years that we lived in Wales, homemade Scotch Eggs hung on his door knob when he was sleeping after a bad nightshift spring to mind.  Which I seem to remember he ate sat on his tiny lawn wearing just his boxers ... nice to think that I gave him such good content for a blog post as well as something tasty to eat!!

Anyway the jug, it is vintage, approximately four inches high and made from pressed glass.  It's held tiny flowers, candy canes, a candle and once tiny sticks of celery on a buffet table, where it glistened in the fairy lights along the back of the table in just the same way that it has helped bring sparkle to my festive shelf and my blog header for the month of December this year.

And it's one of my treasures.

As is John's now long-distance friendship.

Sue xx


  1. What a lovely thing to remind you of John. It sounds like you have a wonderful friendship, full of kindness. xxx

  2. A lovely reminder each day of your friendship.x

  3. Aw!!!! How nice is that? It really is a lovely thing, and so is your friendship with John.

  4. Another lovely post Sue. The little jug is gorgeous and kind friends are priceless :)

  5. I love it when two of the blogs I follow cross over. I feel we have a little community here but it's great to hear of some that manage to meet up over the years.

  6. Agree with the previous comments. How very lovely this is and what a gift the blogging community can be x
    Alison in Wales x

  7. Oh, that's sweet and such a pretty pitcher! I enjoy John's blog too and didn't realize you were friends who got to meet.

  8. What a lovely gift from John. I am a magpie for sugar and cream sets-I think some of them need to go back to the charity shop soon! Catriona

  9. Definitely one of my biggest highlights from blogging is those lovely relationships that are too special to really define. Sounds like that's one for you too.

    The jug is really lovely!

  10. Best thing about blogging = people, connections, real friendships
    Worst thing about blogging = the long distances which make it difficult, and sometimes absolutely impossible, to get together with those people.


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