Friday 16 December 2022

Blogmas Day Sixteen - Searching for Doors, Old Nightlights and Greying Dogs


Today's little Advent calendar goodies,  jam and a pack of Rocket seeds. It took me ages to find the little door on the Bonne Maman Advent calendar ... I mean, how hard can it be, there's only 24 of the little blighters!!   

In the recycled calendar from last year instead of decorations there were two of the jumbo nightlights that I bought as part of a £10 splurge on my Challenge blog back in February 2019 during my 'Shopping Hauls' Challenge.  These berry scented nightlights seem to have lasted well.

See the post HERE if you're interested.  

We were at Mum's yesterday, instead of taking sandwiches for lunch for the three of us, we took some soup and crusty rolls.  We also took two very clean and spruced up doggies as we had just picked them up from the groomers before we set off for Manchester.  

They were exhausted by the time we got home at teatime last night.  A bath and trim at 8am, a trip to Grannies for the day and then home, they totally zonked out once we sat down to have our tea and that was them fast asleep for the night.  Now she's clean again Mavis looks even greyer on her ears, they are truly two little old ladies ... but clean ones and all ready for Christmas.

Sue xx


  1. It's great soup weather and always makes a change from sandwiches doesn't it?
    Our young westie needs a bath - if we had any snow here he would match the slush he's such a mucky puppy!
    Alison in Wales x

    1. Oooh, a slushy, mucky puppy would be even worse. Happily our two are somehow managing to still look nice and clean ... it's a fluke!!

  2. How is your mom doing? It is hard being a dog.

    1. Not too good at the moment to be honest!

      Yep, it's a hard life being a dog for sure. A full manicure, pedicure and spa session then a chauffeur driven trip to Manchester with treats waiting for them, then home in time for tea and cuddles on the sofa.

  3. Gosh, I think I know just how your doggies feel. I'm a little old lady too and a full day zonks me out completely 😁
    That was a great idea to take soup to your mum's house. It's been freezing all day here too. I hope she's doing OK with all this cold weather, Sue, hopefully it will warm up a bit quite soon.

    1. She's coping okay with the cold, her little bungalow gets quite cosy over the course of the day and she's very sensible.


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